Bo Deer - Reindeer Kit


The lovely Vivian has finally succumbed to the pressure of her many Bo Deer friends and produced her first pattern. 

As Viviens' No1 fans we have put together a full kit so you too can join the clan. Bo Deer friends are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new companions.

27cm when standing upright(with assistance)  by 15cm.

This kit includes all the yarn and instructions you need to make your very own Reindeer and cosy jumper.

All you need is needles, Vivian uses the tail end of yarn to stuff these little animals, a great way to use up those little pieces of stash.

Once you have the taste for these friendly wild animals, you'll be making a whole herd.


Although these adorable animals make everyone fall in love with them they are not for young children as they contain small pieces.