Conservation - Farming Ethically

Farming Sustainably - Knitting Beautifully
in a way that relates to our moral principles.
in a morally good or correct manner.
in a way that avoids activities and organisations that do harm to livestock and the environment
in a way that pleases the senses or mind aesthetically.
very well; excellently
Well Manor is a small family farm on the Surrey, Hampshire borders, nestled amongst the rolling countryside and dating back to Tudor times. When we arrived at the farm, it had been farmed on a purely arable basis for many years, crop selection was limited leading to a lack of biodiversity, fences and hedges.
We aim to care for our landscape by farming in a nurturing and non intensive way. Carefully grazing vulnerable areas to encourage the wild flora and fauna, planting kilometres of hedgerows, and re establishing pastures. By not over stocking we limit the need for parasitic controls and chemical fertilisers, our woolly girls are managed through daily care and observation, rather than flock wide antibiotics. Farming ethically to enhance biodiversity and  preserve the environment for generations to come.
Our sheep are an integral part of our conservation plan, over the last 10,000 years of domestication sheep have become inextricably linked to the health and diversity of the natural landscape. By managing grazing, both stock numbers and timings to allow seed heads to develop, we have encouraged the reversion of agricultural land to traditional pastures. Areas of species rich chalk download only thrive by utilising  time honoured methods of grazing, as our national flock has declined so we have lost 80% of our chalk download, the UKs equivalent to Rain Forest in its richness of species.
Welcoming back a diverse flora and fauna, and following the rhythm of the seasons and mother nature, rather than intensive modern farming methods, sets in  motion the right habitats enabling the return of our native birds and insects.