British Gotland 4ply - One Step Forward


British yarn loved and cared for on the Surrey, Hampshire borders 

Our Gotland yarn is produced from our own pedigree flock of Gotland Sheep.

Aptly enough each skein of yarn starts with a conversation, Susie and I discuss the numbers of lambs we are looking to rear and of what breed. Depending on the amount of grazing, housing and food we have farmed through the summer, It is then over to Susie, our erstwhile shepherdess. Susie assesses the breeding lines and the quality of fleece we are aiming for, then puts together a comprehensive plan. This involves taking into account blood lines to ensure good strong stock, with fab fibre, she selects each ram and assigns them to their girls for the year.

5 months later as we lamb we can see the start of a whole new generation of fine wool sheep appear. Nurturing these lambs to maturity takes daily love and care provided by Susie and her her trio of hard working sheep dogs.

It is only taking the first of the fleeces some 11 months later early in the new year, that we can really know with certainty that Susie has got her breeding plan right. Whilst the girls are tucked up in deep straw in the barn, each fleece is hand sorted by myself and Susie at the farm. Though this is a labour intensive operation, taking several weeks, we control every ounce of fibre that goes to washing. If it doesn't meet our exacting standards of softness and shine it does not go into our yarn. 

Once sorted the fibre is sent to Matt at Chadwicks in Yorkshire, expertise and passion ensure we get the cleanest fibre to then ship down to Devon to the small family mill run by John Arbon.

John and his team carefully, and lovingly, comb and worsted spin our gotland into the 4 weights of yarn we offer.

It is then back to the our farm, and down to me to select the colours, and hand dye each skein.

From tupping (putting the ram to the girls) to labelling, naming and offering it for sale takes 2 years of work, by skilled artisans driven by a passion for textiles.

It is only as I get older that I really truly understand that the finest things in life take time, so you may as well enjoy the journey.

Each season we have a limited spinning of our Gotland yarn. When stocks run low it is not a case of phoning our supplier for more yarn! This means that you get the very best of British traditional yarn. When it's gone, it's gone - some things are just worth waiting for! 

Gotland fleece produces a lustrous, soft ,drapey yarn, in a natural silvery grey. Hard wearing and very strong, with a slight bloom once blocked it is very warm and cosy to wear.

  • We are able to dye to order

    330m approx, 100g approx

    26 x 36 stitches on 3mm needles

  • Hand Wash 15°C, Cool Iron, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble DryDry Flat

  • We despatch all orders as soon as is practically possible. This can be a couple of days due to our commitment to put our sheeps welfare first. if placed before 2pm.

    All orders dispatched by FIRST CLASS POST

    30 day no-quibble RETURNS as long as the yarn is returned in the same condition as it was sent.

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