Farming Sustainably

Investing in our land to ensure biodiversity and reduce our Carbon Footprint. Our Yarn does not cost the earth.

Birdie Shawl

Farming Fibre With Care and Kindness

Our aim is to farm our land and our woolly ladies with care and kindness. When we arrived at the farm in 2004 it had been intensively farmed with little regard to the natural flora and fauna. Over the last 16 years we have planted kilometers of hedgerow to provide habitat for a diverse range of birds and mini beasts. Revived our chalk downland through a carefully managed grazing programme, ensuring that this endangered habitat is there for generations to come. Nuturing our ancient woodland, established pre 1600s to maintain the delicate balance and ecosystem that are irreplicable in our polluted age.

Our Yarn Doesn't Cost The Earth

My yarn arrived yesterday and the colours even more beautiful, and the Gotland is even more scrumptious than I imagined.


I have just got the "Hampshire DK" package which I ordered. Wonderful wool and beautiful gorgeous colours, I will use it to make a cardigan


BBC2 Awards

In 2019 we won The Farmers Weekly Diversification Farmer of the Year Award. The BBC filmed us for our journey to the award ceremony.