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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We want to prove that a small British farm can produce world class knitting yarns.

Our aim is to demonstrate that exceptional knitting yarns can be produced from a caring and ethical farm, which invests in the landscape, biodiversity and care of its animal.

Through careful and non intensive farming methods, each animal is treated as an individual with no flock wide use of antibiotics. The lambs are left on the ewes to self wean meaning that the lambs are not stressed and consequently are stronger and more resilient to illness.

Our goal is to prove that we can produce awesome yarn, but not at the expense of our animals and our land.

As you can imagine this is not easy, we are not perfect, but we are working to reduce our impact on this earth. We are currently undertaking a carbon foot print analysis to ascertain the current footprint of our business. We will then work with The Planet Mark to reduce that impact year on year.

All our printing is on FSC paper and uses vegetable inks, our book Sticka is zero rated as we have offset the carbon.

A comprehensive recycling system is in place to recycle paper and plastics, and minimise plastics by not wrapping our hay bales in cling wrap.

Through continuous planting of native plants, kilometres of hedgerows have been brought back. Creating lost habitats for the native flora and fauna, whilst providing valuable carbon syncs.

We hope that our customers will become part of our story, by making a garment with our yarn that will last for years to come.

From One Maker to Another, Buy Less Knit Well.