Our Story

In 2004 as we drove up to the the derelict Georgian farmhouse with it's 310 acres, it seemed an impossible dream come true, that Neil, I, and our 3 little girls, could now call this place home. As first generation farmers it was with the heady enthusiasm that comes with the naivety of the hill ahead to climb, that allowed us to we start putting the farm and its house back together, piece by piece.

With my love of textiles, it was only a matter of time before I found a way to reintroduce sheep onto the baron arable landscape, and subsequently to begin producing our own unique British yarns. I believed that we could produce a world class British yarn, that was soft enough to be worn next to the skin, but that had its own unique character. Our own fine wool flocks now inhabit the fields which had for many years seen only wheat and oil seed rape, bringing with them the insect and bird life that thrives around livestock. Exclusively nurtured and bred for their quality fibre, our flocks are managed, and sheared by Susie our awesome shepherdess, and right hand lady

Quality in - Quality Out

Every last fleece is hand sorted on the farm by Susie and myself, to ensure that only the best quality fibres go into our yarn. A luxury product takes time to produce, and a good relationship with all the artisans involved is a must, each as important a link in the chain as each other. The years of experience culminating in the production of a luxury British yarn. The fibre is washed in Yorkshire by Matt, woollen spun by Michael, returning to be hand dyed on the farm by me.
The colours of the beautiful countryside we inhabit, and the coast line of my childhood  home, inspire me in the dye studio. Colour is an obsession for me, a never ending thirst for further knowledge on this vast subject pushes me on.