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Moving On - New Website

Moving On - New Website

Well we finally bit the bullet and realised that our old website, now 3 years old was creaking at the seams.

When we designed it, my knowledge was very limited as to what our fledgling company needed. Over time it has been added to, and added to, and now looks like and old favourite jumper being patched up at every turn. The final straw was when it told everyone who tried to order that they lived in Finland, whether from Guildford or Australia.

So here we are, a clean new look. I am hoping we do not have too many teething troubles, but please let me know if there is anything you think that can be improved. As most of you now, I am chief plate spinner, especially while my IT Director Bella insists on completing her degree. Kids! you just can't rely on them.

The first half of the year has evaporated already and June has its feet firmly under the table. A new exhibition on the calendar was Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March. Supremely well organised and in one of the most beautiful cities it was a great 2 days although rather exhausting. It was particularly exciting to meet Kate Davies who I have always admired. What a lovely lady and a really talented designer.

There were some great examples of Bohus Stickning on show. I find it awe inspiring the tenacity of someone to knit a full jersey on 2mm needles, but it does look awesome

The summer is always busy for us. Sorting of fleece to go away for scouring, hand dyeing our newly arrived yarns and preparing for the winter exhibitions.

Beautiful Lustrous Stein

The shine on our new seasons Stein Fine Wool® gives the impression that it has been blended with silk, but it is just the lustre that comes through from the breeding. This years crop of fleece is softer and shinier than ever, so it is really exciting and some what nerve racking to have to wait to see how the yarn turns out.

Reading The Tealeaves, The Faded Rose, The Merry Widow L to R Stein Fine Wool® 4ply

A really wet period has caused havoc with our normally with haymaking. The fields have turned into mud puddings, the joys of farming on clay caps and shearing in lots of areas has been delayed. Sorting the fleece took twice as long this year as I had to ensure anything unpleasant was consigned to the compost heap. Actually most of our skirted fleece ends up around the new hedging we have planted. It is great at keeping the weeds down as well as providing nutrients as it rots. Not a lot goes to waste on the farm, there is always a job for most waste products.


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