The Grey Sheep Co.

Glimakia Skein Swift


This swift is very versatile and can handle many different sizes and types of yarn. It will handle skeins as big as two yards. The swift clamps on to a table or counter to use. 59 inch total circumference.

The outer connections on the swift are tied with twine. This is the only place where a little maintenance may be required. Its a pretty easy fix to retie one of these if they come apart. I have used this swift for over four years and I've only had this happen once.

They are constructed and finished to get the most appropriate surface for the yarn. These ARE the original Swedish made swifts and NOT A imitation . They have been made by GAV Glimakra for 82 years or so. Look for Sweden on the logo. You can clamp these swifts to stand vertically, as shown. Or you can mount them horizontally which can make for easier un-winding, especially for fine threads.