The Grey Sheep Co.

Help Us Plant a Hedgerow -


Over the last 40 years we in Britain we have lost in excess of 700,000 kilometres of hedgerow. Along with the devastating effect this has had on our native and visiting wildlife, we have impacted the vital beneficial carbon capture these hedgerows have historically given us. 

Part of our mission as a business, and ardent nature lovers, is to not only become carbon neutral within 5 years, but also to try and halt the further decline of our wildlife and flora around the farm

Our hope is by continuing our work of reestablishing hedgerows around the historic field network we can ensure that we offer a place of refuge, food and breeding ground for many endangered species. 

The hedgerows plant will be of a native variety, hawthorn, blackthorn, beech, field maple, dog rose, honeysuckle, and oak. 6 plants are needed for each meter planted.
Each plant needs a bamboo stake and rabbit guard to protect it in the first couple of years. 

We are committed to planting 500 m of new hedgerow in 2019/2020 winter and hope to do much more. Help us one tree at a time to combat climate change and provide native habitat.