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January 2020 Gotland Lambs Locks - BUY NOW


Here's your chance to secure some of our winter shorn British Gotland lambs fleece. Better photos to come soon, once we have started shearing. This fleece is truly scrumptious. All our Gotland's are lavished with love, after being shorn they are tucked up in the sheep shed. Toasty in the straw we made this summer until they grow a thick fleece back to protect them from the weather. Normally they get let out during the late March sunshine then hop back indoors for supper and a cosy up from the night chill.

Each fleece is expertly and kindly shorn by Susie, our fantastic shepherdess. Susie has been shearing since she was in her early teens. You can read all about her introduction to shepherding in our Sticka 1 magazine. We are very fortunate as are our girls that we have an award winning shearer on site.

The fleeces are first skirted, taking off all the dirty edging and coarse fleece, before being fully sorted and graded for colour and quality. Once sorted the fibre is either placed in the, off for washing and yarn pile or the "OMG that is for the hand spinners pile". Only when Susie gives me a withering look will I have to reassess the huge hand spinners pile I have collected behind me and pare it down.

Gotland fleece is a lustre wool although it has attribute more akin to a hair having little memory. The staple is between 4 - 6 inches, of silvery grey through to a dark pewter colour. It benefits from worsted spinning and once knitted has a slight bloom. This can be enhanced with brushing. Gotland is very warm and creates a fabric which drapes.

Gotland loves to felt and can be used for very fine work.


100g bags of sorted clean fleece