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Life at The Little Grey Sheep

Summertime Cowl - A Summery Project

Summertime Cowl - A Summery Project

I first published the Summertime Cowl pattern a couple of years ago. It has been a firm favourite of both mine and my customers ever since. However with the changing of our website last summer all of the blog posts got lost in the ether and I have been trying to get myself organised to republish it.

The idea behind it is that the cowl is light weight and warm. For a summers evening or chilly morning it is big enough to be wrapped double keeping your neck snuggly warm. When working on the farm it important to not have things loose that could catch in the machinery we use. The Summertime Cowl has been designed to be  a practical length, so it can easily be tucked inside a jacket or doubled up.

Any amount of colours can be used, but I have used one of our 5 mini skein packs. There is a whole range of colours from fun and funky to a more sophisticated palette 


Summertime Cowl



GUAGE – 26 x 36 stitches on 3mm needles over 10cmx 10cm

MATERIALS – 2 x 20g skeins Stein Fine Wool Colour 1

1 x 20g skein Stein Fine Wool Colour 2

1 x 20g skein Stein Fine Wool Colour 3

1 3.5mm circular needles 29inch wire

FINISHED SIZE – 45cm x 26cm


The cowl is knitted in the round in Linen Stitch.

When working in the round, the right side of the fabric is always facing


Any number of rows as long as they are even may be used in any colours.

Linen stitch in the round

Worked over an even number of stitches.

Round 1: *K 1, slip 1 with yarn in front; Repeat from * around.

Round 2: *Slip 1 with yarn in front, K 1; Repeat from * around.

Work with colour 1 for two rows and colour 2 for two rows. Continue to

alternate colors every two rows. The two color pattern enhances the

woven effect. Cast on with colour 1 and go right to Row 2, then

switching to colour 2 for the next two rows. This keep the edge neat.

When changing yarn colour twist the new yarn around the last colour to

ensure that you do not create a hole in your fabric


Cast on loosely Using Colour 1( using long tail method) 240 stitches, join

in the round. Be careful when joining the stitches to make sure you have

not twisted the stitches.

Round 1 and 2: Colour 1

Round 3: Change to Colour 2 for two rounds

The next two rounds are in Colour 1

Repeat these 4 rounds four times

Next 2 rounds Colour 3.

Next 2 rounds: Colour 2

Next 2 rounds Colour 1

Next 2 rounds Colour 2

Continue those 4 rounds a further nine times

Change to using Colour 1 and Colour 3

Knit a further nine rounds with these two colours.

Knit the next four rounds with Colour 3 and Colour 2

Knit the next six rounds with Colour 1 and Colour 3

Cast off loosely and weave in any loose ends.


Gently block or steam, making sure to not put the iron in direct contact

with the fabric.


Hope you enjoy x



Nov 02, 2019


Nov 02, 2019


May 24, 2018

Hello. Like Mary above I have just come across your yarn following Back to the Land. I love to use natural artisan yarns and am constantly on the look out to top up my stash. I will also share your link on my knitting blog & Facebook knitting / craft group as it is full of fellow yarn addicts. With the very best of luck. Julie x

The Knitting Magpie
May 22, 2018

Hello I have just watched your farm on bbc2 Back to the land with Kate Humble. It was so lovely to see how you run your farm, look after you sheep and the whole process of making your wool. I am only a virgin knitter/ crocheter but hope soon I will be able to buy beautiful wool like yours. Well done , and all the best for the future.
Blessings Mary

Mary Nelson

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